Feeling helpless ….

So I’m sitting here after travelling to London to be with Julie while she undertakes another round of tests only this time coupled with a dose of chemo.
I feel so very helpless because the marriage vows we took still said in sickness and in health … I’m relatively healthy and she’s extremely sick.

We went for an Italian meal and have smuggled in a bottle of wine from Waitrose to our grotty hotel room.  We couldn’t get a room at our usual Premier Inn as we didn’t know about the hospital visit early enough to book a room.  We will NEVER stay here again, believe me!!   By the way, have any of you seen these strange Londoners who wear a black sheet and a pair of sunglasses ..  ow, Julie has just said I can’t say that about our foreign visitors!

Grotty hotel.com


You know the thing that has struck me on the way here by train is … mainly because I drive, we are surrounded by the most stupendous countryside. On the journey up there are fields, trees, rivers, castles, cows, sheep, donkeys and birds. You may think this was the first time I have seen any of these but your would be wrong, I grew up in the countryside surrounded by sea in Polperro, Cornwall.

When your best friend, the love of your life is very ill, your whole outlook on life changes…you both realize how precious your family, loved ones and time is……..



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