First chemo session at RM …..

royal marsden
Royal |Marsden, Chelsea. Think we’ll be seeing a lot of this place!

Up to London for an overnight stay before hitting the Royal Marsden at 8 am.  Not sure what to expect but soon realise there is a well oiled plan in place!

So they certainly know how to get things done here, Julie’s already had a pre-check to fill out forms, a blood test (results in 90 mins) and is now in having a heart echo. Next stop, a chat with a doctor then chemotherapy if all is good to go.

I have the utmost confidence in the teams here, there seems to be an air of belief wherever you go and whoever you see.

Bloods first, followed by seeing the doctor, followed by chemo – that’s the order of the day apparently!

MDU, RM, where it all happens!

Julie wasn’t particularly apprehensive, she was just glad to finally be starting her treatment. The young nurses in the chemo suite are fantastic and although Julie’s veins will not give up for the cannula to be inserted for the chemo, they’ve brought out a container of hot water to soak her arm to allow easy access.  Finally in and chemo under way – Doxorubicin, a bright pink fluid, looking like something out of a sweet shop.  Tickles Julie when she’s told not to panic when going to the loo as she willbe peeing bright pink!! Lo and behold, so she did!!!

So, first chemo under our belt and trusting it will do the trick.



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