PICC line inserted and London sights ….

We came to London the day before Julie’s second double whammy chemo appointment to have her PICC line inserted.  According to Julie, it was a painless, anaesthesized procedure resembling something out of an operating theatre and extremely clever, involving magnets which draw the cannula towards the correct place near the heart.  Arm all padded up, ready for bloods and chemo tomorrow, which should be a much easier affair. After, we headed on down to see the Houses of Parliament

and the London Eye.  You can’t see it here but even the Embankment was invaded by our good friends the German tourist in the form of hundreds of students! Probably one of the most difficult of operations – buying a hot dog while surrounded by the enemy ….

.. and a footnote from Julie: they were all so RUDE! Where are today’s manners in the young? Pushing, barging, even though it was clear I’m not well. Was glad to head back to the hotel ……



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