Whereby I am clearly the most friendly looking face on the Tube …..

earls court

Back to London today, ready for the next round of Julie’s chemo tomorrow. Have a couple of minor incidents to report. Crash into a foreign person with our suitcase, serves her right for not looking in front while walking…oops. Not 2 minutes later a foreign man thrusts his child in direct line of the case and I nearly crush said child in the barriers at Victoria tube station ( why don’t parents keep an eye on their kids when they are on holiday in a foreign city?).

Finally get on the tube, to be confronted by, as I was to learn later, a young Saudi chap lying across the seats asleep! His friends wake him and tell him to let me have one of the two seats he is sprawled across, which he does.

“Hello” says the young Saudi, ” are you a nice man?”. At this stage I decide to practice my deafness get-out by cocking my head to one side. “In my country it is the men who are nice and the women who aren’t”.  He carries on the conversation. So I’ve now decided the deaf ploy hasn’t worked.  “Trust me” says I, ” There are women in this country who aren’t very nice”.  I growl.
“They are all very tall” he replies.
“The women in your country!”
“Really? I don’t think so, I mean look at at that one over there” I said pointing at Julie, who most of you know is only 5’2″. “She’s not very tall ”
“Where do you live?”
“On the south coast” (slightly rattled by now because we’ve been traveling for two and a half hours, my day started at 6 am and he is quite clearly a tourist either looking for a sensible conversation or a ladyboy trying to pick up a a grey haired man to be his sugar daddy. No chance on both counts!)
“Where is that?” he continues.
“Near Southampton and Portsmouth”
“Where’s that?”
“On the south coast!!!!”
Thank god for that we have arrived at Earls Court, I think to myself..

Moral of that true story….? Never take a seat when an Arab with little knowledge of our language has to woken up to donate it to you. You may have to give an impromptu geography and English language lesson on the tube.:-)))))

Julie’s suffered a bit over the last couple of weeks until about last Friday, when she started to want to eat again, I cooked her a roast dinner on Sunday then she ate 4…..yes 4 eggs.

Cooked her a chilli on Saturday, “this is too hot to eat” she said…”I’m making a Caesar salad!” Just by those little comments I knew she was feeling better than the previous ten days :



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