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No manners on the Tube!!!

earls court tube

Arrived in London yesterday, quite a good journey really until we got on the tube…. I am sure most of the foreign, let me re-phrase that, non British passport holding visitors are sent over with the instruction to be as rude as possible to the residing population, let me explain.

Julie is quite clearly ill, she obviously has no hair, or eyebrows. She doesn’t wear a scarf and hat for dramatic effect but to spare everyone else their embarrassment. She doesn’t have the skin colour of a vampire because she is auditioning for a remake of Twilight.

So why doesn’t anyone sitting on the tube in a priority seat particularly young German gentlemen of about 16, with ridiculous hairstyles and travelling with their mother, (who is just as bad by the way for not telling him) just do what I have done on many occasion GIVE UP THE SEAT to some one who quite clearly needs it, despite being asked, instead just carry on sitting there with a stupid look on their face? Enough already with the anger Kevin!

Julie is well this morning and has already had bloods and obs and is already on the treatment suite and having her double whammy. I have to say she was back to her mischievous self last night, it was really good to see her laughing at all the silly little jokes that we share regularly. Some times it feels like we have only just met when she is in this humour……

Working whilst Julie has her chemo


My second office, Chelsea branch! Take laptop etc to London and work on the train and then in the waiting room at RM while Julie has her chemo (if she doesn’t want me to stay with her). then again, back in our hotel room, together with a glass of vino (in bathroom glass!)

Julie sees a lot of these drip stands!  Today, 20th August, it was unusually quiet in the chemo suite and Julie managed to grab some sleep whilst hooked up ……