Monthly Archives: September 2014

Mr Bean infiltrates the MDU


Everyone deals with cancer in their own way but bringing your teddy into the MDU, talking to it and then having your husband make it use the iPad wearing her glasses was a bit much in a grown woman ….

You may have thought mrs bean & teddy had left  I’ve just found her… …feeding ted in the canteen!

Anyway Julie is currently doing well and although the chemo is currently an hour behind, should be out by 2 hopefully be able to get a relatively early train .

Double blood transfusion for Julie ….

Double blood transfusion for Julie on top of her chemo session – I took myself off to the museums for the afternoon on Julie’s advice (she wanted a particular art book!) as she was at the Royal Marsden from 8am until 8pm! A long session, glad we stayed overnight again …

By the time we reached the hotel, Julie was dead on her feet.  She managed to stay awake just long enough to eat but nearly nodded off between courses!


A fighting chance for Julie

Today I had the honour of being in the same room when a person I love and respect was told she had a fighting chance, at least, of spending more time with her family. Thank you to the doctors and staff at the sarcoma unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital & Julie I love you xx

Positive news the new aggressive “double whammy” chemo seems to have stemmed the growth of the tumours. Hopefully by Christmas Julie will be able to have a break from the chemo for a while, then just 3 monthly scans.