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.. and this is why the RM is the best

In the Marsden with Julie. Last time we were here, there was a relatively elderly gentleman who,on his last visit proclaimed “if this doesn’t work, I’ll see you on the other side!” He has just had his results and his sarcoma has shrunk by about 70% in 6 weeks!

Now let’s just hope when we get Julie’s results within the next couple of hours we get some similar news .. fingers crossed.

Good news and sort of not quite so good news

Good news and sort of not quite so good news from the Marsden. The good news is Julie’s liver tumour has significantly shrunk again as have those in her lung. But due to the damage caused to the lung by one of the drugs used because the chemo had to be so aggressive, more treatment has had to be delayed until at least January.

The next 4 weeks will be to allow Julie to recuperate and give her body chance to fight the next round. Back up in December for more scans and clinical appointment.

.. and so it goes on

Been at the Queen Alexandra hospital most of today with Julie as she had been in severe pain for several hours.  phoned the Royal Marsden and the clinical practitioner diagnosed infection present or a possible clot. Armed with this info, went to QA as instructed, easily got through and was fast tracked, really great service from Dr Dave, Staff Nurse Tracy and the rest of the crew, Julie was given oxygen and antibiotics, then we ran into hospital politics. “We are struggling to get you a bed in Oncology because they don’t like treating patients from a different hospital”

Come on QA managers, we wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for the inefficiency of one of your consultants in the first place, mis-diagnosing Julie’s cancer for two years. Get yourselves sorted!!

In sickness and in health ……..

Came back from QA hospital this evening after seeing Julie struggling to breathe, I cannot believe this is happening to the person I have lived my life for, for forty years.

When the going got tough she never left and she so easily could have. When I make mistakes she only ever offers support. Since February she has suffered and it’s been my turn to honour the vow “in sickness and in health, for better or worse”

Julie, you need to fight, we still have a lot to do together and with our family xxxxxx

Emergency trip to QA – followed by admission for a few days……

Julie breathless for some time, but put it down to the chemo side-effects.  Increasingly got worse until she could hardly breathe or walk.

Possible neutropena, thankfully not.   Very breathless and extremely unwell. Told Julie would have died had she not gone into hospital.  Put on steroids. Think chemo may have caused infection to her lung, covering it with a caul-type skin.

Had CT scan on Thursday 16th then home on Saturday 18th to recover and wait for follow-up appointment at RM as chemo cancelled.

Tiring work, all this visiting ……..and being a carer!  I wouldn’t have it any other way though!

Through sickness and health………It’s easy if you love someone this much.

How’s this for friendship?


One of our oldest, most loyal and loveliest friends, Deb, who obviously knows about Julies’ handbag obsession and how much Julie loved this bag,  which Deb had bought in France, turned up on our doorstep one evening before a major Royal Marsden hospital trip and gave this to Julie.

Deb has been there for Julie & me whenever needed, never prying, always offering support for us both.

Lovely friend, wonderful person and a much underestimated actress!!!