.. and just to add to the rant ….

One more from the papers….”Pizza may be declared one of your 5 a day”. Really? I thought we were supposed to be fighting obesity !!

On the way back to the Royal Marsden today with Julie, which has given me time to read the papers and I’m surprised and dismayed to see Manpower Services recruiting bricklayers from Portugal. Their reasoning behind this is that there are not enough in this country..hmm, I read on and see that Manpower were only offering 500.00 per week while double that to the Portuguese.
While my experience of bricklayers is they are probably one of the most demanding of all trades and some times the way to get things dealt with, is to stand up to them and explain who is exactly paying their wages, most bricklayers, like other tradesmen in this country tend to be self employed. Being a self employed tradesman means you have all sorts of expenses to pay out before you actually make a penny. Insurances, travel, tools accountants to name but a few, you don’t get paid for any holiday you take, nor if you are sick.
My point? You can’t expect any self employed skilled tradesman to work for less than their European counterparts in their own country !!



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