Start of Julie’s visits to The Rowans


The Rowans
The Rowans

Just before Christmas, Julie started going over to The Rowans Hospice at Purbrook, for a six week course every Friday.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with its complimentary therapies, informative talks and excellent buffet lunches! She found it extremely helpful talking and interacting with others in the same situation as herself and has made some great friends who keep in touch with each other.

Obviously The Rowans is a hospice and Julie chose this as the place she wanted to be able to go when she felt the need to in the future.  Far from being what most people consider a place you go to when you die, the hospice is a relaxing drop-in centre for cancer patients with support staff and volunteers who do their best to make you feel a person again, not just someone suffering from a life shortening disease ……



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