My Christmas rant

When I was growing up pubs had shorter hours, shops never opened on Sundays, some even closed for half day on a Wednesday. We finished for Christmas on Christmas Eve, then generally went back to work on the day following Boxing Day. It was a result if Christmas fell on a Thursday because then we had an extra two days off!

What is happening in a world where profit is so essential that companies encourage shoppers to spend online on Christmas Day because their “sales” start early? What is happening when large stores insist their staff not only work on Boxing Day but they be in attendance from 6am?

Ridiculous pre holiday “sales”. Twenty four hour opening! Gluttony and greed, two of the seven deadly sins….and I’m not religious!! I do, however, recognise when my fellow men (and women:) ) are being enticed to spend and get into debt by unscrupulous retailers, uncaring shareholders and company bosses eager for large bonuses……

I can’t believe I’m a capitalist, with this amount of disapproval but I am. I just care for the rest of humanity and the direction we seem to be taking, someone has to.



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