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Julie’s returned to her arty roots ….



In her words “So I’ve put away my sewing stuff for now as it’s too tiring – but thanks to one of my new comrade in arms at The Rowans, have re-kindled my lifetime love of art. Getting lost in my pen and ink and watercolours is both relaxing and therapeutic. Love it!”









Believe me, these are only a few.  I am always impressed when she creates these, I’ll post more over the coming weeks



Facebook update …..

Another day done at the Marsden and we’ve found out that Julie is at least safe until March unless anything untoward happens between now and then.
It appears the major pain cycle she went through was a glitch and not about to become the norm.
Dr Jones advice:”Let’s save the chemo for when we need it, a bit like antibiotics”. He should know, he’s been working in America and we all know their knowledge is equal to the RM’s

feeling hopeful.

First visit to RM of 2015



Back to RM due to Julie’s unplanned trip to A & E and following the CT scan results being put to the consultants for their perusal. Saw a new young doctor who had been working in the States; told Julie she could start chemo again if she wanted, as the pain had been so bad but we both agreed to wait until she really needs it again. Pain is under control with a large bottle of Oramorph ready for when needed and she is not in any great pain so plan is to see them again in March as originally agreed but to contact them again if the pain returns etc