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After installing a front door for a long standing client and friend today, replacing one which our illustrious boys in blue “mistakenly”?? broke down before collating the correct information…..another £400.00 from public coffers! If I make a mistake it costs me personally.  Next time PC Plod, ensure you follow the correct protocol … or maybe not, keep at it and I’ll keep taking the money.  Anyway, I came home to find Julie had been having a bad day with the cancer so after getting her some of her medication I decided to firstly watch the news.

What on earth are people worried about the Russians doing a flyby past Cornwall for? Cornwall has lovely coastline, I know I used to live in Polperro.  Seriously though, Putin is doing what all dictators do best, strutting and posturing.  He knows the economy of Mother Russia  is nearly bankrupt, he thinks the only way to fix it is by bullying smaller countries and trying to expand to recreate the former USSR’s territorial gluttony to allow him to steal the resources of the over run countries.

Later I found myself watching the BBC Parliament Channel, mainly because one of my pet targets was doing battle with Margaret Hodge, chairperson of The Public Accounts Committee.  Before I tell you who was involved, let me give you my view of the egotistcal monster who is Ms Hodge.

I’ve watched this particular chairperson tear many heads of department to shreds by trying to impose her bullying, opiniated views on her victims while trying to extract the version of the “truth” which most coincided with her own.  Today however, I had the pleasure of watching Lin Horner, Permanent Secretary to HMRC,  Jennie Grainger, Director of Enforcement and Complience and Jim Hanna, Director of General Business Tax stand their ground while subjected to the usual humiliating attack by Maggie and her Mob (of like minded lunatics).  How these civil servants kept their composure was a sight to behold under the continual assault but they did and on more than one occasion, turned the the tables on the committee with answers along the lines of “I’m sorry that is confidential information”, much to the disgust the nosey PAC.

Ms Hodge, I implore you to change tactics, softly softly catchee monkey.  It might be important, but life is too short to put your blood pressure under this sort of strain 🙂

Ah tomorrows’ another day ……




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