Friday again ……



My days usually begin around 6am, today’s no different but since Julie’s cancer diagnosis almost a year ago, I’ve done most of the cooking and the shopping plus a fair amount of the housework, all of the above transforms into 100% when Julie has bad days or is hospitalised.

My first stop of the day is coffee followed by a trip into my office to answer any emails and make a list of materials to distribute, followed by dealing with anything which won’t wait until later in the day.

Fridays are my shopping day, I usually shop in a local Tesco because where it’s situated is (a) close and (b) fairly empty around 7-7.30 am, mainly because the surrounding native community to the store are probably either sleeping off a drink or drug infused hangover or have spent all night playing video games and have only just gone to bed.  Anyone who has a job will have generally left by that hour to miss the local traffic. :))

I always take a list to Tesco, then, make meal decisions as I go, today’s been no different except I need to buy extra because Nathan comes home from Florida this weekend.  No probs, only 2 tills open and no queue so I’m able to chat to the lady on the checkout who I see most weeks, nothing too in depth but the general chit chat which keeps you in touch with the human race, yeah I like that.

I’m starting a recipe page  where I’ll be sharing some of my recipes aimed at men who struggle with their cooking! Keep an eye out 🙂



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