Howdens and Jess


Following my trip to Tesco earlier this morning, I’ve needed to come to Howdens Joinery to sort a price for a client.  Great firm this, they have retained my loyalty for around 10 or 12 years because I’ve always found them helpful and accommodating whenever I’ve dealt with them.

Today I’m dealing with Jess, I’m always courteous to staff and more so with female staff, I suppose they remind me of my daughters.  Anyway, Jess is always smiling (just like my daughters) and today when one of the guys ask what I’m up to today, I answer I’ve just done the weekly shop, she laughs.

Seriously Jess, I do the shop, I run the home and a business for reasons mentioned in my earlier post, plus write this blog which today Jess you are in. It won’t make you famous but it’s therapeutic and fun.




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