Will Our Beach Always Look Like This?

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See these pictures above, these were taken last week ….

Now, I’m not one to panic but something I read in the papers today jogged my memory when, with a certain amount of despair, I read  that John Prescott is to become ”climate change advisor” to Ed Miliband’s  Labour campaign.

To be fair, I despair not only at Mr. Prescott, who looked as miserable as a man who had not only lost his 2 Jags but also his wallet too,  when I saw him board a tube one afternoon last summer,  but any government in any country at any one time which claims to be in the least bit interested in climate change.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, sometime in the last three years, I had a job to do for a lovely couple in Sussex.  Whilst working at this house and waiting for something to dry, I had a coffee with the lady of the house and one thing led to another in the ensuing conversation and I mentioned how lovely their house and the surrounding countryside was.

The clients were Lord and Lady Stern, that’ll be Lord Nicholas Stern the one time chief economist and climate change advisor to the Blair then Brown Labour government.  It turns out Lord Stern had a falling out with Mr Brown following his realisation, despite the in-depth, 700 page report and constant advice, not one country or Government (including ours) across the world was prepared to take the drastic steps needed to stabilise and stem the continual destruction of our planet.  In fact, Lord Stern made a very telling statement to me, one I’ll never forget “ The Americans don’t really care about anyone except America, within 50 years, they will need to consume 2 earths full of resources to keep growing as they are. Of course, we only have one planet!”

According to the 2006 Stern report, if  global warming rises by around 2 degrees C 15-40% of species could become extinct. If the temperature rises by 3-4 degrees C food production will be seriously affected.

Last year on February 13 Lord Stern again warned “Climate change is here now, extreme weather patterns in the UK and abroad are part of a growing pattern”

This weekend we have seen a previously unheard of “double cyclone” in Australia.

On September 22nd 2014, a further warning from Lord Stern – “Global warming will create millions of climate refugees”

Governments of the world, you need to listen now, otherwise there will be nothing left to govern …