February 27 Good and not so good

photo 1(1) photo 2(2)Lovely day today, crisp and clear, I took these at around 8.30 this morning after shopping.  There’s Cowes on the Isle of Wight and Fawley in Southampton water.  Perfick.

There are two reasons for me to remember February 27th, one Nathan Thomas , our youngest and our only son was born………photo(8) photo(45)He’s 25 now and plays with big boys toys.  He’s turned into a very meticulous tradesman with an eye for detail and I’m extremely proud of him.  Happy Birthday Son XX

The other reason because this date will always stick in my mind is that exactly one year ago, Julie was admitted to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, as an emergency and very ill.  She was to stay in for a total of around 12 days, after 6 days being stabilised because of septicaemia which had set in, she then had a full, emergency hysterectomy.  This led to her being diagnosed with cancer and many trips to The Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea.  The Marsden is a beacon in the ocean of what is the NHS.  It’s light gives hope to all those who are drowning under the burden of Sarcoma.  Julie is one of these.photo(18)She is quite lucky though, even though she had the disease when this photo above was taken, we think she is lucky, yes she lost her hair for a few months but then it grew backphoto(5)and guess what,although you can’t see it here, it’s curly!

If anyone had told me a year ago what she would endure in the coming months I daresay I would have questioned how we would cope with the sicknesss, tiredness, injections, blood tranfusions, and hospital admissions, but we have and Julie’s still here and we are still fighting, albeit she has a godawful cold at the moment. I cherish every moment. Thanks for listening 🙂