Wednesday’s been productive and fun so far……

photo 3(1)The best thing about living by the coast?  Getting up in the morning and knowing one of the first things you see is our palm tree silhouetted against the sky on a sunny morning.  You just know the journey along the seafront while going about your business will be a pleasure.

Today Nathan and I have been out and surveyed two jobs, one which took 90mins for the both of us, while the other was about an hour.  Nathan did a lot of the talking to the customer for a change, it’s good to see him relaxed with clients, an old head on young shoulders!

While we were out I picked up a couple of emails from a couple of contracts I tendered for a while Nathan was in Florida.  More good news,  two more good quality clients are wanting our services.  2015 is shaping up to be a good looking year!

I took Hannah our middle daughter out for lunch today, I picked her up from her workplace then took her to a local Mexican restaurant, Chimi Changas.  Hard to believe she’ll be 30 later this year but whatever, it always feels good to spend some time with my daughters and for the first time in my life, I think, I’m in the position to be able to take time off work and take some quality time.


Hannah is petite, like her mum and at 4’11” I have no idea how she walks on those heels.  She is though a very clever lady and like her younger  brother and older sister has never been work shy.  She currently manages the largest team in her company, always worrying if she is doing her job well.  Trust me Hannah the reason you have the job is because you are capable.  Thanks for today sweetie, it was really nice to spend an hour having a chat xxx

For those of you who don’t know, that’s our Hannah on the left,with our grandson, Jack, “Lego is my Life” Atkins.

Thanks for listening 🙂