Lethal Weapon 5

photo 1(8)Back to London today for Julie’s next scan in the middle of the day tomorrow, I’ve forgotten how brutal you have to be here just to be able to get around.  Victoria Station (picture left) was quite quiet today, but on the way from the platform I managed to run over at least one arrogant looking business man who looked me straight in the eye and refused to move.  Don’t try and play chicken with a man who doesn’t give a s****, you’ll lose every time, mister. My next encounter was with a very tall man, he seemed to deliberately try and walk over me, a shoulder barge dealt with him!  I might be only 5’8″ (the same height as Mel Gibson) but like the famous actor, without the looks, I am a force to be reckoned with when carrying a weapon.  Mel carries a glock, I wield an armour-plated suitcase.

The next obstacle is always getting on the tube.  The tube is always busy no matter what.  Today’s surprise, a bunch of our European cousins had tried to get through the barriers with suitcases big enough to carry a whole Harrods full of towels to the beach and guess what, one of then got stuck, causing an almighty jam. IMG_4580(1) I of course, as you can see,  prefer to carry the light machine gunners version, thus being able to nimbly slip past the enemy only to encounter more of the blighters at the bottom of the steps.  Yikes! Think quickly, ” Mind Your Backs!” I roar like a panzer tank at full speed,  worked though.

Onward up the platform only to encounter a bunch of people filling the area in front of me, here we go, “excuse me please” no reply or movement, two sets of hurty ankles then.  Ha Ha Ha.  Then I realise,  Julie is filming …..

Finally we get to Earls Court and the warm welcome at the Premier Innphoto(12).  The view is from the top floor,  generally we are on the other side of the building which overlooks the road but I think I prefer this, overlooking the tube and Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Anyway I digress, Julie and I go out for a little lunch down on Earls Court Roadphoto 3(6) at the local Greggs.  I’m sat there drinking my coffee, Julie said she’d like to go to the local Boots, I usually go with her but she seems fit enough and off she trots, happy to be out on her own.  Twenty or so minutes later I spot her across the road and decide a picture would be in order.  No, I mean Noooo.  A bit of shopping in a London Boots and she’s turned into a diva.  Luckily,  I spotted the star trying to sneak across the road while hiding behind a bloke.  The arrow marks the spotphoto 1(9).  I caught up with the elusive Mrs Atkins however around the next bend, after taking a few shots then being made to only publish one of her choosing we, I mean she insisted I use this onephoto 3(5) She’s a tyke!!!! Here’s a couple more pics as you can see not a bad area to stay in.  Thanks for reading 🙂IMG_4585IMG_4586IMG_4584