International Happiness Day

photo(29)Last Friday, the 20th March was International Happiness Day.  So I thought I’d share wth you some of the people and things which make me happy.  To the left you see our three children, from the left, Nathan, Leah and Hannah118photo(4)

photo(28)There’s Georgia with Nathan, Hannah with Matt & Leah’s husband Simon,  kneeling with Archie.  Got it so far? Good because Hannah’s son Jack (the Lego Master) is our eldest grandsonphoto(27)IMG_2882IMG_4099He’s seven and a typical boy but when I take him out he always is as good as gold 🙂

Next there’s Archiephoto(23)He’s three in July.  Archie is Leah and Simon’s eldest and is a scamp, he hides things, likes building carparks139and generally stomping 🙂

Then we have the little chunkster with the spikey hair, Freddie.  He’s Leah and Simon’s youngest and likes eating, pooing, as well as sitting on my lap contemplating life:)photo(24)IMG_4618

Finally, there’s Julie, photo(46) Seen here with Jack and Archie about two years ago.

So apart from the obvious family connections, why do they make me happy? Julie, even though she is ill still makes me laugh and when we are out and about, she slips her little soft hand in mine and just that little gesture tells me how much she loves me.

Leah, Hannah and Nathan have always been there to give me a hug, as I have for them, three more loving children a parent couldn’t wish for.

Simon, has always been there for Leah and for us, he’s a great Dad and wonderful husband

Matt, he’s the one for Hannah, he’s responsible, level headed and a brilliant “step” dad to Jack, they are a lovely family.

Georgia, you’re a lovely lady, never afraid to offer an opinion, definately part of our family now 🙂

Finally my grandsons, always a big hug and a cuddle whenever I see them, always ready to play games or draw pictures  🙂

You see that’s all happiness is, things and gestures which make you feel warm, bring a smile to your face and don’t cost any money 🙂 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂