Breath of a Dragon

I’m sat on the train as I write this, a Chinese lady and her English boyfriend have just boarded at East Croydon.  Despite the volume of seats available,  the boyfriend has plonked himself down next to Julie and opposite me.  This vision  in yellow top and those ridiculous Lycra leggings his breathing heavily and filling the carriage with his garlic infused breath.  In fact it’s so bad,  if I don’t get home you can claim my body at Southampton Central Railway Station which is the end of the line! 🙂

After my Facebook posts of yesterday giving you all the updates on Julie, here are some of the lighter moments to add to the days smiles.

After a post saying the waiting room at The Marsden was moderately empty, it quickly filled up.  Remember I’m neither racist or homophobic and these are observational comments…..

In one corner of the waiting room there was a traditionally large Irish family, I knew they were Irish because their conversation was interspersed with the obligatory “To be sure it was”. They were loud and it would appear they had eaten all the contents of the cafe because the said cafe closed early!

A quite elderly gentleman entered the waiting room,  walking with his hand on his hip.  He was wearing a crimson jumper with bright green trousers and a blue shirt.  Quinten Crispesqe old queen if ever I had seen one.  If you don’t know who Quinten Crisp was google him! 🙂

Finally my observations of the waiting room come to a close with the clearly bitter elderly lady who sat herself down in her chair then proceeded to push herself  back onto the legs of a man without even an apology.  Look love, you may have cancer but then so do around 50% of the waiting room and none of them are being rude! 🙁

Back to today,  I see the latest way for measuring the amount of disposal able income we have is the type of toilet paper we buy.  Apparently the more expensive (therefore softer) the paper the more money we have. Really? The way I see it is anything is a step up from a dock leaf  or the News of the World 🙂

According to the Daily Telegraph the latest deadly weapon to become available to the American public is…..a personal flame thrower. You have got to be joking, for a mere £467.00 you can burn the body of the person you’ve just shot dead with your licensed Uzi machine pistol thus preventing any evidence being discovered.  Apparently police forces throughout the USA are queuing up to buy them 🙂

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has said schools will be obligated to teach Britishness to try and ensure young people do not become radicalised.  She is also trying to “outlaw” Shia law.  As much as I totally agree with her I fear Europe will be poking its large nose into those ideas! So much for fighting terrorism. 🙁

Finally, if you fancy going to London over the Easter break and need a good hotel try the Premier Inn in Earls Court.  Good clean rooms, good service and good food.  Try the chilli beef, excellent!

Thanks for reading 🙂