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7. Coming to a garden near you: Mili……..

imageA man propped up by by a lectern and hoping to be propped up by the SNP.  Tickled me this, the words before this sentence that  were composed by Boris Johnson in a tweet, then David Cameron replied ” I think we need to free this lectern. I’m worried it’s been taken hostage.  I think it’s time to allow this lectern out on its own” Ha ha ha. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The photo above is taken from the Telegragh.  Miliband is addressing a garden behind a constituency office full of labour volunteers and journalists. No wonder you never get heckled or  jeered Mili!   What was Cameron doing, he had his sleeves rolled up, preaching to the masses!

I’ve been answering unbelievers online today while attending hospital with Julie.  Explaining the fine tuning of a conservative government and reasoning behind their policies i.e why you’re entitled to benefits only if you’re 100% are entitled.

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8. A funny thing happened on the way to London!

imageI opened up Twitter, 8 days away from the Election and there it was, probably the most bigoted statement thus far from a party.  UKIP proclaim” Christians who object to gay marriage will be granted legal protection”.   If anyone votes for this party they are surely voting to send this country back into the dark ages.  UKIP is indeed the party of lunatics.

The leader of the Lib DEMs, Nick Clegg moaned today, ” there is so much uncertainty in this election”.  Sounds like this man thinks he is already beaten!

Apparently Labour will recruit another 1000 border staff! Milli, trust me if you win, there will be no one left in the UK except the SNP. All you need to keep them out is a gang of Eastern European bricklayers to re-build Hadrians Wall.  Even your mate Russell Brand will have gone 🙂

There was a party of four ladies on our train today, all on their way to Tenerife via Gatwick Airport.  One was dressed in deck chair colours, another wore a strange pale turquoise travelling suit not seen since the sixties, yet another dressed in attire more suited to a brothel while the eldest of the party who was at least my age was wearing black with peroxide blond hair 🙁 ! Nothing at all wrong with that, everyone is entitled to dress how they want I hear you shout.  That’s exactly what this lovely bunch were doing shouting.  I’m pretty certain they will be staying in Las Americas and trying to pull every night in an Irish bar. 🙂

I’m a strong supporter of ladies in general and in the Daily Telegragh today there was a story about a 23 year old lady who felt intimidated by the wolf whistles from a gang of builders.  She went to the police, who then went to interview the builders, then the builders were reprimanded by their employer.   Now, I would hate to think that all builders get tarred with the same brush.  My guys are politeness itself. I say this to the offending gang, come on lads treat ladies with the same respect  you would treat your wife or mum, this is 2015 🙂

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Julie’s struggle

Since we were last at the Marsden, this most recent bout of chemotherapy really seems to be taking its toll on Julie.  Although she looks well,  she is in nearly constant pain/discomfort and only rests intermittently.  Her appetite is sporadic but when she eats she eats. Lucky she has the “Happy Juice” as she calls her morphine! Still, off to the RM again tomorrow ready for Wednesday’s round of drugs.

Wish her luck!

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9, Polar Plumes but Cameron boils

imageAfter temperatures of 25c we now have to expect freezing times ahead according to forecasters caused by a “Polar Plume” . Apparently here in the south of England we may even see some flash floods.  Aside from the obvious pain in the ass inconvenience our weather causes, it’s not that bad compared to other parts of the globe.  Let’s spare a thought for Nepal and the surrounding areas, I’m pleased to see our government has donated £5,000,000 iimagemmediately to the help fund and many specialist rescue squads are on their way.

9 days before the Election and Ed (I’ll stab my brother in the back) Milliband and Ed ( I’ve not got any) Balls have come up with yet another gem.  No stamp duty for first time home buyers!  While I’m all for helping young people ( our son included) I’d like to know how we are going to be paying for this gem. :).

Meanwhile though The Prime Minister, above,  was addressing small businesses and accountants who gave him a letter reinforcing their (and my) confidence in Conservative fiscal policies for the future 🙂

His campaigning today has started to gain momentum, his passion shows through as a man who cares for his country!

As a Father of three grown up children and a grandfather of three boys I’m concerned for the future.  Use your vote wisely.  Vote Conservative.

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imageSo here we are 10 days away from the most important General Election for decades.  Why so important? Because this election needs to provide a clear and decisive government.  A vote for Labour means a vote for the SNP, a vote for UKIP, LIB DEMs, GREEN or any other party is not a protest vote but a wasted vote!image

The SNP are only interested in one thing, breaking up the UK.  Look carefully, these are the two most dangerous people in current  UK politics imageThese two self styled William Wallace’s of the 21st century, Pinky and Perky, I mean Sturgeon and Salmond only have their own ambitions at heart, not the well being of the ordinary Scot.  Within 30 years both of these politicians will be retired or gone, leaving a legacy which will affect our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and many more generations to come!

I know we’ve all had to suffer a little over the last five years but interest rates have stayed low, unemployment has dropped significantly (thanks to the tough benefits changes which have forced the wasters back to work!) and our clients now have money to spend 🙂

The time is coming when you need to put your hard earned vote to use, remember, your vote gives you the right to criticise the government and to choose who makes the laws and runs our nation  from Westminster.

To improve your life vote Conservative on May 7th

If you like high interest rates which mean more expensive mortgages, high unemployment,  no nuclear deterrent and having your laws influenced by a minority of Scots then vote Labour

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Little Britain?

imageIf you vote for Miliband and The Labour Party on May 7th……..there is a more than good chance when you wake up on May 8th you will be ensuring these two below will in some way,  be influencing the government in Westminster.  Vetoing laws and decisions which do not serve their needs and giving a green light to those who only serve Scotland.


Do you really want two people whose biased politics and intentions have been frequently documented and are clearly misguided to influence your life YES! YOUR LIFE!  For the foreseeable future? I don’t and if you think carefully neither do you

Vote  sensibly  on  May 7th ?   Vote Conservative

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Litter bugs bug me !!

imageToday’s topic is one which really, really grates with me.  It is something which was drummed into me from an early age. I was promoted to write about this because of the actions of a van driver in our road earlier today.  This guy simply swept his hand over the tail gate of his truck and lo and behold there’s a pile of rubbish left in the street.  What an inconsiderate idiot!

Of course he’s not the only one, I have someone who works for me, is in his mid forties and a smoker.  You can tell were this one has been by the trail of Marlboro Lights cigarette butts.  When he’s denied it in the past I’ve had to point out to him, not only is he only one of two smokers on the firm but, he’s the only one who smokes Marlboro!  Didn’t take much working out that one eh, Sherlock. 🙂

 imageHow many times have you seen this, someone opening the door of their vehicle, and depositing a fast food bag, or even worse a nappy (diaper) sack on the ground before closing the door and driving off?  It’s not only the younger generation who do this but older people too.  Do you live your life surrounded by litter at home? No? Well don’t expect the rest of us to be surrounded by the litter you have generated.  Either take it home or use the litter bins provided!  No litter bin, take it home, there is no argument!

I’m lucky enough to live imageby the sea, when the sun comes out, you day trippers arrive in your thousands and bring your sandwiches, crisps, pies, sweets and drinks to litter our home town.  You chuck your cigarette butts anywhere and some of you grimy slobs even bury your off spring’s soiled nappies! Not only does this practice spoil our beaches but it’s unhygienic and affects our wildlife.  Simple answer, bring a polythene bag then take your litter home!  We have by laws which when enforced result in a hefty fine for the offender, I’m sure you’ll agree £80.00 for not dealing with your litter responsibly is a hefty sum!


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imageAs most of you comic book fans know, Superman is an alien sent to Planet Earth by his parents.  Krypton, his home planet exploded after many years exploitation of it’s natural resources caused its core to become unstable. Fiction? Well yes or at least the Superman part and the fictional name of his home planet.  However, our own planet is starting to show disturbing signsimage along similar lines to Krypton.

imageFracking, the method of pressurising fluid, chemicals and water then pumping it into fissures to extract pockets of natural gas or oil, has been used in the USA for a number of years.  Now after so called “earthquake hotspots” have started to become apparent in areas where fracking is taking place.  So much so that the state of Texas has launched its own investigation after pockets of earthquakes have occurred where none have happened before.  In our own small country we also have been experiencing earthquakes due to oil & gas exploration deep underground.

Experts such as Lord Nicholas Stern (google him) have long been warning about climate change and the global effect.  Naturally no one heeds the advice of an expert, so far.  I can only assume, somewhen in the not too distant future, our own planet will start to implode under the stresses we are putting her through!!

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