If you read my F.B post about Ed ( I talk a load of) Balls promise to look after small businesses, you might have guessed I’m not a fan of the Labour Party.

Throughout the last 60 years they have played havoc with hard working people’s lives by having leaders and politicians backed by Trades Unions and other far left movements. Their only motivation was jealousy of the businesses  and their bosses who gave them a job and the income to keep a roof over their heads!

Once the Trades Unions had achieved what they had set out to achieve, which was better treatment and working conditions for the country’s work force, the leaders of these influential groups had to justify their jobs and salaries.

The labour government coupled with their union cohorts managed to virtually destroy most of the manufacturing industries in the UK by taking out their members on strike.  Not for important reasons such as being asked to work unrealistic hours for little money but because their tea breaks had been shortened or they were asked for extra hours because the companies they worked for had so much business.

One by one the great shipyards were closed as more competitive companies abroad won contracts, not because their product was better but because they could offer non – disruptive work forces who could deliver on time.  The same applied to the automotive industry, textile industry and many more. British Rail had one of the most terrible reputations, if the guards weren’t on strike then it was the station staff, or the drivers, or the maintenance staff.  There was a saying which rippled through British industry, “one out all out”. One by one companies deserted the UK.

During the construction industry strike of 1972/3 I broke a picket line because I knew if I didn’t work, I wouldn’t get paid.  Later in the 70’s I was contracted to do some work in Wokingham sorting office by the Post Office, the work had to be carried out at night for minimum disruption, it would have taken 3 nights.  On the first night I started work at 10pm, tap on my shoulder at 10.30, “you can’t do this it’s too noisy” the shop steward said. “Really” says I and carry on working. ” If you don’t stop, I’ll cut your power cable” he threatened.  ” Be my guest but you are going to look stupid going home with this lump of wood sticking out of your ass”.  I carried on working then the postmaster comes to me and tells me to stop because his workers are all on strike. There they are, all stood outside in the rain.   I never finished the job, I got pulled off and as far as I know the job never was completed due to the unions.

Sometimes the strikes seemed to be totally unnecessary, fighting lost causes such as the miners strikes of the early 80’s.  Coal mines had become unproductive and uneconomic to run so Margaret Thatchers Conservative government of the day decided to close them.  It was a difficult decision and one which would divide communities and the country.  The mines had to be closed because they were just costing too much to run plus the demand for coal, a dirty fuel, was in decline.  After months of fighting and power cuts, one day general strikes throughout Britain and much hatred between Margaret Thatcher and the miners leader Arthur Scargill, the miners went back to work, mines were closed and through new laws the unions would never hold Great Britain PLC to ransom  again.  The strike had caused untold damage to the UK’s economy and reputation and it is only really since 2010 real confidence in our industry, workforce and ability to deliver has been restored.

On May 7th vote Conservative.  You know it makes sense !

Thanks for reading 🙂