Blair returns, Tories rejoice!!

I’m pleased to announce Tony Blair is coming back to help David Miliband.   But you’re a Tory I hear you cry with resounding horror!!

Well yes I am and as a Conservative  voter I remember the destruction that Mr Blair’s sword created and I’m sure many of you do too.  Credit was ridiculously easy to obtain, taxes were high, interest rates were high.  Government departments were overstaffed and businesses shrank. A nightmare scenario which was compounded by Gordon Brown’s follow up government when TB had to step down through ill health.

So, with all that ammunition David Cameron and co should have a field day.  One other shell for the cannon, Tony Blair spent many years knocking top earners, people who feasted on the system only to become one of these following his retirement from office. First a book then the never ending after dinner speaker circuit. Since handing over the keys to number 10 he has done very nicely thank you!

Ed ( I speak a whole sack of ) Balls has spent the day attempting to dismantle and discredit the Conservative Party’s tax strategy without little effect. Why? Who knows?  Ed accuses the Tories of planning to raise vat.  Does he honestly think, having settled the economy,  Chancellor Osborn will jeopardise the recovery by slapping on more money on the goods we buy? No I don’t think so.  A healthy economy relies on the movement of money within the applicable country, 20% vat is the limit.   Slippery Ed also says his government will raise taxes, even one of the Labour Party’s most prolific donors, businessman John Mills says Labour’s economic policy will not work. He also reveals a second Election in the event of a hung parliament isn’t an option for Labour as they haven’t the funds to fight again.

So where does this leave us? Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond of the SNP (just realised,  both with fishy names…..) holding an English government to ransom to further the causes of Scotland?  Very suspect indeed, in fact surprisingly fishy 🙂

Whatever your politics, use your vote on May 7th!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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