Kids, Farmers and Martyrs

When teachers start writing letters explaining there are some children who are sent to school hungry, live in “Victorian” poverty conditions, their parents can’t afford the uniform and are sent to class wearing “inappropriate” footwear and they start blaming the government, I have to comment.

1.   Correct me if I’m wrong is there a fund available to be able to assist parents to clothe their children if they can’t afford school uniform? Before you all start shouting NO! Yes there is google it or telephone your local County Council.

2.  Footwear. Parents are happy to spend upwards of £60 on designer trainers! Forget the designer trainers, say no to your off spring, let them sulk a bit then go and spend say £35.00 on “proper” school shoes. ( I only ever had one pair of shoes and 2 pairs of plimsoles, one for gym and one to play out in)

3.   “Living in Victorian poverty conditions”  Uh I don’t think so, the conditions we live in tend to be self inflicted.  Parents, educate your children to have respect for their peers and other people.  Teach them manners. Discipline them, don’t bully, talk to them (without swearing) and I think your offspring will want to live in a cleaner tidier environment! They have to want to help themselves, only you can teach them this!

4.   “Going to school hungry”. Parents this is no one else’s responsibility except yours.  A loaf of bread is about £1.00, with about 20 slices.  Butter is about £1.00, if you’ve got nothing else in your cupboard you’ve probably got this.  Get up early then you can make your little dear guess what…..toast.  So give up smoking and give your kids breakfast.

Finally on this subject and teachers won’t thank me for saying this.  Maybe in the interest of everyone it’s time to start a “good parenting course” ? For those who’ve not been as lucky as you and I and need some gentle guidance on how to cook, clean and generally need to know how to look after themselves and their children.  I’d be more than happy to donate some time. 🙂

Farmers are yet again bleating on about the price of their produce being forced down.  Ok, let’s start thinking out of the box a bit here and get innovative.  I’m pretty sure if you farmers were to get together you would be able to open small high street outlets and sell your wares.  I know some of you have farm shops but you need to reach a wider audience.  Supermarkets won’t like it at first but hey, you were here in the beginning!

Last topic because it is Easter Sunday. This could have far reaching ramifications.  When you hear leaders of the Christian churches calling to Christians to reclaim the word “martyr” from terrorist groups, as it is rightfully theirs doesn’t this sound like extremism too?

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