Hurray for Spain

Julie and I are currently sat on a train, heading towards London for a new chemo regime.  She’s not that worried about the chemo, more so the PICC line that is going to be re-instated into her arm, not the fact it needs to be put back in but the trouble these things cause, blocking and just being  generally being difficult! 🙁

I’m looking forward to the next battle on the station, both overground and underground…actually I’m not, I hate the continual rudeness of the tourists and commuters,  it becomes very wearing after a while and to say we get tired is an understatement! What I do like though, is how vibrant London feels in the sun.  We’ll have a few spare hours today so maybe once we’ve checked in at our regular hotel we might have a little tromp across to the Tower of London 🙂

I’m a great fan of all things Spanish, I like the friendliness of the Spanish people, I love the language because it’s easy to learn and once learnt it’s a pleasure to speak because it rolls around your mouth like a fine wine before it jumps out with it’s soft sounds. I love Spain and the Spanish Balearics as well as the Canaries and unsurprisingly the food which these countries serve up.  But do you know my favourite thing about Spain? The Spanish Plume!

What’s The Spanish Plume? This phenomenon is responsible for our current excellent weather, it pushes warm weather northwards and apparently it’s going to continue. 🙂

I’ll probably push another blog out later today but for now,

thanks for reading 🙂




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