Mischievous Fartarse

imageYesterday Nigel Fartarse, UKIP leader was asked about defence.  His response? “It’s important” in fact every time he was asked we got the same answer.  Every question on about every subject gets more or less the same automated response except when Mr Farage is talking about immigration.  His stock reply on this subject? Usually don’t let ’em in and if they do get in, don’t feed ‘, clothe’ em or treat ’em “burrrrp. Mine’s another pint and you’ll have to speak to me outside as I need a fag!”  This narrow minded, beer swigging bigot has absolutely no place in British Politics unless he needs a job emptying the bins!

imageSo where does this leave us? Well we all know leader of the “Liebour” Party ” Dead Ed Millipede” seen here looking dejected after imagea bout with DC( thanks for supplying those brilliant and very apt acronyms Becca Goodson) is incapable of running a bath let alone a country.  We are well aware his prime cohort Ed Nuts sorry Ed Balls throws plenty of darts at the financial board, hoping for 180 but missing altogether.

imageEven Tony ” why am I not invited to the party” Blair, pictured here in an amorous embrace with the then leader of the free world, George Bush Jr and his wife Cherie, who thinks she is still in the driving seat, and is obviously annoyed at the picture of her beloved and his dear friend, can’t make a clear impression 🙂


Fortunately, we already have a proven leader, in the guise of David Cameron, pictured left after winning a previous title bout against the “Liebour”Party and their current champion Dead Millipede! 🙂

The. Conservatives have had to pick up the pieces, sort them out and glue this country back together.  Most of us, wether Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat or otherwise have suffered under austerity.  The very wealthy will always be wealthy not because they are under taxed, if their wealth has not been inherited but earned, they most certainly deserve to hold on to what they have once their taxes have been paid, not penalised for creating jobs and in turn creating wealth.  Wealth doesn’t necessarily mean being a millionaire but it means having quality of life and being able to provide for your family or able to earn the money to buy those luxuries in life.

We might not all be feeling it yet but watch this space,  sooner rather than later, we will see it will be worth it.  I feel it now.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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