Milli, Balls and Trident!

Today as Julie and I head back from being her latest visit to the NHS part of the excellent (you remember that comment Milli & Balls) Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea, (don’t pre judge either of you we are just and ordinary family), I see yet again neither Ed can agree with the other!image The two Eds decided it was now time to protect their future and today both successfully landed prospective new careers as litter pickers!  Their new bosses however weren’t as pleased at these two, one said in an interview ” Although I wouldn’t trust either of these two to pick up a loaf of bread from the supermarket, I have now doubt they will have a great time picking up the rubbish that comes out of their respective mouths” 🙂

By the way you pair, our nation absolutely still needs Trident or a similar deterant, don’t either of you read the newspapers? Oh I forgot you are both trying to find out a way to tell the nation you are getting into bed with the SNP!

I meant to post this two weeks ago you can find out why I didn’t in a later blog.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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