9, Polar Plumes but Cameron boils

imageAfter temperatures of 25c we now have to expect freezing times ahead according to forecasters caused by a “Polar Plume” . Apparently here in the south of England we may even see some flash floods.  Aside from the obvious pain in the ass inconvenience our weather causes, it’s not that bad compared to other parts of the globe.  Let’s spare a thought for Nepal and the surrounding areas, I’m pleased to see our government has donated £5,000,000 iimagemmediately to the help fund and many specialist rescue squads are on their way.

9 days before the Election and Ed (I’ll stab my brother in the back) Milliband and Ed ( I’ve not got any) Balls have come up with yet another gem.  No stamp duty for first time home buyers!  While I’m all for helping young people ( our son included) I’d like to know how we are going to be paying for this gem. :).

Meanwhile though The Prime Minister, above,  was addressing small businesses and accountants who gave him a letter reinforcing their (and my) confidence in Conservative fiscal policies for the future 🙂

His campaigning today has started to gain momentum, his passion shows through as a man who cares for his country!

As a Father of three grown up children and a grandfather of three boys I’m concerned for the future.  Use your vote wisely.  Vote Conservative.

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