Signs from Julie

130Julie wrote letters to not only me but all those close to her before she died.  In her final letter to me she told me to”look out for the signs I’m still around, you can’t get rid of me that easily”. Perhaps I should explain.

When we rebuilt our garden, we did so to encourage bird life in as well as making it a pleasant place to sit.  Since we have finished it we’ve had all types of birds visit.  A little Robin comes and hops around picking up the mealworms the greedy Starlings drop from the feeders.  Percy our friendly pigeon chomps on the peanuts, Sparrows, Coal and Blue Tits along with Blackbirds, Magpies, Crows and the occasional Seagull all come and eat their fill but for over a year Julie and I tried, without success,  to tempt in Goldfinches!

This morning, I was working in my office, which overlooks our garden and conservatory, I look up there on the conservatory roof were a pair of Goldfinches.  “Julie would love these” I thought to myself and as I was thinking this a third Goldfinch flew in and perched on out lilac tree!  I couldn’t believe my luck! “Look out for the signs I’m still around” I smiled to myself then the icing on the cake…A yellow wagtail!! I knew then Julie somehow had a hand in this because when she saw my delight when I saw the Goldfinches she decided to throw in something extra, the Yellow Wagtail.  Thank you Julie xx?? imageimage

image image image

Julie and I were never overtly religious, although she felt the need to get herself confirmed a number of years ago while she was searching for her faith.  I’ve always been more spiritual, preferring not to believe in the traditional ‘go to church and prove your faith’ method but to try to treat others the way I wanted to be treated, even when they’ve done wrong by me.  Julie, despite having the tongue of a viper when riled and the disposition of a hungry T. Rex when suffering from pmt, also became to believe this.  I realised around 40 years ago that life was about compassion for others and “The End Game”.

Someone told me many years ago, my insight and ability to read life was because I was an old spirit, one who had lived many lives before this one.  This small but significant piece of information helped me understand all the flashbacks, all the people only I saw when I was young and the generally different way I perceive life.

A local vicar once asked me “Are you a Christian Kevin?” ” If being a Christian is about helping others and trying to provide for your family, then I suppose I am” I replied ” If you don’t attend God’s house then you can’t call yourself a Christian” was the so called Man of Gods’ next statement. ” Then let’s just say me and God have an understanding, I don’t mess in his affairs so I don’t expect him to mess in mine!” The vicar stopped talking?

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