35 years, well almost….

One sunny but chilly November the first in 1980 a young twenty four year old me and the love of my life who was twenty two at the time entered into a contract which was to last for just under thirty five years.  image

When we exchanged our wedding vows, neither of us realised how significant they would be, “for richer or poorer”, done that. “For better or worse”, we both realised during the first couple of years life was not going to be the romantic bed of roses you see on the movies. More a continual learning curve which, when two people “click” as we had done five years previously, means you learn to love and nurture each other, support each other in a way which only soul mates can. “In sickness and health”. Any of you who have read my blogs in “Julie’s Journey” know how that phrase became so significant.  It wasn’t a one way street though, Julie nursed me back to health during two severe bouts of pneumonia.

To survive marriage for any length of time, you give and take, learn to be selfless and learn to talk to each other, about anything and everything.  Oh, and apologise, even if you are convinced you’re right, makes for a much easier? No, smoother relationship ??.

Up until Julie died on September 7th, discounting the three years she was ill, we had a lovely life together, ups and downs, three lovely children and three grandsons.  During the final few months she set small goals, sometimes just days in advance, sometimes  months, our wedding anniversary was one of them.?

Well Julie my darling, we never quite made this one eh? Never mind, I still see you like this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thanks for reading?




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