Pinky, defending the defenceless

imageMeet Martin, affectionately known as Pinky.  We’re all aware of the acts of indescribable cruelty against animals in the UK, it seems it happens everywhere, even on this beautiful island of Tenerife!

The owners of this lovable Labrador decided one day they didn’t want him, as he was “chipped” they knew if they just let him go they could be traced.  These people, I’m not going to insult the animal kingdom by comparing them to animals committed one of the worst cases of abuse I’ve ever heard of. Read on.

First they tried to cut out the chip, this failed, then they tried to strangle Pinky.  Thinking he was dead these morons then dug a hole and buried him.   Regaining consciousness the determined and frightened dog started to dig his way out!  For seven days he clawed and struggled his way to close to the surface.  By this time Pinky was severely emaciated, exhausted, being eaten by maggots and close to death, only able to manage somehow to bark weakly.

imageFortunately, fate intervened, a passing policeman heard his cries and proceeded to dig him out.  The officer gently pulled him out then took him to a local vet, Yaiza, in Los Christianos to have him put down.  This lovely vet decided he was worth saving, then for seven days and seven nights she dressed and tended Pinky’s injuries bringing him gradually back to life!

image imageThese photos make grim viewing but you need to see them to appreciate the gravity of the crime.

The cost of treating Pinky is about 57 Euros per day for the medicine to heal him properly.  A fund was set up to collect the monies required and dog owners from throughout Tenerife responded, culminating in a fundraiser on Sunday, January 10 at a local bar, The Market Tavern in Los Christianos, lasting most of the day.

imageEntertainers from across the island donated their time for free, a raffle and auction was organised.  Local hairdressers cut hair both on the Sunday and at an event a week or so earlier and in general the community united.  Facebook pages have been set up to receive donations, such as been the general outrage.

A huge amount of money was raised a the event, well in excess of 2000 Euros at the event I attended with Linda & Peter, more donations continue to roll in via the Facebook page.   Well done Tenerife!! I was more than happy to dig deep for this worthy cause.

As for Martin affectionately known as Pinky? He’s recovering very well and will be able to meet his public in another couple of months before joining his new family.

The two people who carried out this wicked act, one man and a woman have been arrested, charged and are being held in custody.  They are looking at a prison sentence for what has been described as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty on the island.

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