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Going Back

Back in January Yvonne my sister told me she was taking a holiday to Gran Canaria along with Tom, Rosie and Lana, Tom’s girlfriend.  Quite a big step a couple of months after she’d lost the love of her life Steve in a tragic road accident while cycling home from work.

“Brilliant!” I told her, “I know the island like the back of my hand,  Julie and I used to visit Gran Canaria sometimes three times a year!” Then without thinking whether or not I’d be intruding. ” I could do with a holiday I could come and show you around.”

“That’d be really nice Kev” was Yvonne’s reply and she gave me the details of the hotel she was staying in etc. So within an hour I’d booked  holiday, car and parking! 

A couple of days before the flight I started to feel a little down and apprehensive, not because I was going away with my sister and her family, I was looking forward to that because I know how hard Steve’s death had hit them all but this was the first time back without Julie.

After landing at Las Palmas and The familiar heat hit me as as we stepped off the plane, Julie really loved that.  I’d told Yvonne during the flight it felt like going home, visiting Gran Canaria.  Julie and I used to go there sometimes three times a year in fact we’d planned to retire here, buy a small duplex  and grow old together while getting brown and wrinkly in the sun.

Of course that was never to be, our last visit to Melonaras was in 2008,  the following year we had an unplanned trip to Australia then in 2010 she started to become ill then over the next months and years and due to her condition she never felt like she wanted to stray far from home.

Anyway the rest they say is history.  Of course if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I had a couple of forays abroad last year but pleasant though they were,  these only served to reinforce to me life was never going to be the same without the girl I loved.

After a few drinks with lots of conversation on that first evening, I got up early this morning and decided after breakfast to go for a long walk both to clear my head and to see how I really felt emotionally about my return to Gran Canaria.

Well I’m pleased to report, the sun still shines and the sea is still blue, the palm trees still sway and wave their fronds in the gentle warm breeze and the parakeets still chatter excitedly. I think Gran Canaria has won a couple of extra fans too, Yvonne seems to be able to relax a little, while Tom, Rosie and Lana seem pretty happy to be here too.

Most importantly for me though is I think I felt Julie with me on that walk, holding my hand and whispering in my ear.  “You must come back my darling, I’ll always be by your side.”

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