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Frustrating democracy

The title says it all….I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing over the last few months, the sniping, the bitterness and the sheer hatred that we as a nation seemed to have developed for one another, all over a democratic vote.

I’ve been eligible to vote for the last fifty five years and I’ve never missed the opportunity to cast that vote wether it’s been local or national elections.  So, when very early in my voting career our beloved UK democratically voted to join the then “European common market” and the vote went in the opposite direction to my views did the voting public (Me and a shed load of others) try to get the vote overturned?  No! Even though we were warned that our fishing waters would be threatened,  our sovereignty might be eventually threatened and we might lose our beloved pound ( Sterling not weight) we all respected the democratic vote.

So what’s gone wrong forty years later?  There’s no longer respect for democracy, which in turn means society as a whole has lost respect for the opinion of its fellow voters.

On a daily basis we hear politicians from the left droning on about the NHS, schools and the lack of funding, food banks, jobs, zero hours contracts while berating other parties attempts to solve the problems.  How do you solve the above without driving our fragile economy into the ground like a spitfire which has been shot out of the sky by a prowling enemy fighter?  Taxes have to rise!

If the parliamentary right raise taxes what happens?  The naive amongst us vote in the left, then what?  The left borrows more and more until it can’t borrow any more then it gets voted out because it destroys the economy and  back comes the right and austerity.

So the circle continues until one day a mischief maker gets thrown into the mix in the form of a far right party disguising itself as a saviour for all problems.  That’ll be UKIP then,  its leader (who’s an elected MEP) eventually puts so much pressure on the elected sovereign government so that eventually its forced to make promises it doesn’t really want to carry out!

In the interest of political harmony the Prime Minister of the day  calls for a referendum which he expects to win…in or out of the EU.  He didn’t expect, even consider losing the vote, assuming wrongly of course,  the nation was happy with it’s lot.

Of course history will record that after that referendum our nation became divided in a roughly fifty fifty split with the let’s get out fifty percent (including me) winning the vote, not to do damage to the UK but to say. “ Hey! We want to govern ourselves, nor be governed by a faceless bunch of power hungry corrupt  European politicians with a thousand year axe to grind!

Worst (or maybe the best) thing to come out of the referendum?  The Prime Minister of the day, David Cameron resigns!  WTF? What sort of cowardly gesture is that?  So you lose at snakes and ladders so you take your board home,  you’re playing footie in the park with your daughter and she puts one past you, so you sulk and take the said daughter home.  No,  Cameron, as blue as I am,  that was the action of a coward.  Faced with adversity you should of stood up with your head held high and carried on leading the country.  Instead you left the country and your party in disarray!

To get to the point though finally,  Mrs May although on the face of it seems to struggle,  I sense she’s a determined Prime Minister, straight down the line,  not easily threatened by the male dominated echelons of her party.  I sense although she’s a politician and she seems to keep her cards hidden she’s probably just about as honest as a politician will get, which of course intimidates not only the male members of her own party but the fence hopping members of the  ( we’ll say anything or change any view to gain back power)  Labour Party.

Our Teresa has had a difficult time dealing with the likes of Bernier and the smug Tusk,  so lets unite and get behind her, if nessesary emailing our own MPs exaggerating the need to put political ambition to one side and for unity and solidarity within our government for the sake of our United Kingdom and the future of our children, grandchildren and nation.

One final thought,  if my children argued they were denied privileges, no computer games, ice cream, whatever.  The more you politicians fight amongst yourselves, the weaker we look as a nation and the lees likely you are to keep your jobs next time around!

Thank you as ever for reading ??


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