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7. Coming to a garden near you: Mili……..

imageA man propped up by by a lectern and hoping to be propped up by the SNP.  Tickled me this, the words before this sentence that  were composed by Boris Johnson in a tweet, then David Cameron replied ” I think we need to free this lectern. I’m worried it’s been taken hostage.  I think it’s time to allow this lectern out on its own” Ha ha ha. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The photo above is taken from the Telegragh.  Miliband is addressing a garden behind a constituency office full of labour volunteers and journalists. No wonder you never get heckled or  jeered Mili!   What was Cameron doing, he had his sleeves rolled up, preaching to the masses!

I’ve been answering unbelievers online today while attending hospital with Julie.  Explaining the fine tuning of a conservative government and reasoning behind their policies i.e why you’re entitled to benefits only if you’re 100% are entitled.

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8. A funny thing happened on the way to London!

imageI opened up Twitter, 8 days away from the Election and there it was, probably the most bigoted statement thus far from a party.  UKIP proclaim” Christians who object to gay marriage will be granted legal protection”.   If anyone votes for this party they are surely voting to send this country back into the dark ages.  UKIP is indeed the party of lunatics.

The leader of the Lib DEMs, Nick Clegg moaned today, ” there is so much uncertainty in this election”.  Sounds like this man thinks he is already beaten!

Apparently Labour will recruit another 1000 border staff! Milli, trust me if you win, there will be no one left in the UK except the SNP. All you need to keep them out is a gang of Eastern European bricklayers to re-build Hadrians Wall.  Even your mate Russell Brand will have gone 🙂

There was a party of four ladies on our train today, all on their way to Tenerife via Gatwick Airport.  One was dressed in deck chair colours, another wore a strange pale turquoise travelling suit not seen since the sixties, yet another dressed in attire more suited to a brothel while the eldest of the party who was at least my age was wearing black with peroxide blond hair 🙁 ! Nothing at all wrong with that, everyone is entitled to dress how they want I hear you shout.  That’s exactly what this lovely bunch were doing shouting.  I’m pretty certain they will be staying in Las Americas and trying to pull every night in an Irish bar. 🙂

I’m a strong supporter of ladies in general and in the Daily Telegragh today there was a story about a 23 year old lady who felt intimidated by the wolf whistles from a gang of builders.  She went to the police, who then went to interview the builders, then the builders were reprimanded by their employer.   Now, I would hate to think that all builders get tarred with the same brush.  My guys are politeness itself. I say this to the offending gang, come on lads treat ladies with the same respect  you would treat your wife or mum, this is 2015 🙂

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9, Polar Plumes but Cameron boils

imageAfter temperatures of 25c we now have to expect freezing times ahead according to forecasters caused by a “Polar Plume” . Apparently here in the south of England we may even see some flash floods.  Aside from the obvious pain in the ass inconvenience our weather causes, it’s not that bad compared to other parts of the globe.  Let’s spare a thought for Nepal and the surrounding areas, I’m pleased to see our government has donated £5,000,000 iimagemmediately to the help fund and many specialist rescue squads are on their way.

9 days before the Election and Ed (I’ll stab my brother in the back) Milliband and Ed ( I’ve not got any) Balls have come up with yet another gem.  No stamp duty for first time home buyers!  While I’m all for helping young people ( our son included) I’d like to know how we are going to be paying for this gem. :).

Meanwhile though The Prime Minister, above,  was addressing small businesses and accountants who gave him a letter reinforcing their (and my) confidence in Conservative fiscal policies for the future 🙂

His campaigning today has started to gain momentum, his passion shows through as a man who cares for his country!

As a Father of three grown up children and a grandfather of three boys I’m concerned for the future.  Use your vote wisely.  Vote Conservative.

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imageSo here we are 10 days away from the most important General Election for decades.  Why so important? Because this election needs to provide a clear and decisive government.  A vote for Labour means a vote for the SNP, a vote for UKIP, LIB DEMs, GREEN or any other party is not a protest vote but a wasted vote!image

The SNP are only interested in one thing, breaking up the UK.  Look carefully, these are the two most dangerous people in current  UK politics imageThese two self styled William Wallace’s of the 21st century, Pinky and Perky, I mean Sturgeon and Salmond only have their own ambitions at heart, not the well being of the ordinary Scot.  Within 30 years both of these politicians will be retired or gone, leaving a legacy which will affect our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and many more generations to come!

I know we’ve all had to suffer a little over the last five years but interest rates have stayed low, unemployment has dropped significantly (thanks to the tough benefits changes which have forced the wasters back to work!) and our clients now have money to spend 🙂

The time is coming when you need to put your hard earned vote to use, remember, your vote gives you the right to criticise the government and to choose who makes the laws and runs our nation  from Westminster.

To improve your life vote Conservative on May 7th

If you like high interest rates which mean more expensive mortgages, high unemployment,  no nuclear deterrent and having your laws influenced by a minority of Scots then vote Labour

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Little Britain?

imageIf you vote for Miliband and The Labour Party on May 7th……..there is a more than good chance when you wake up on May 8th you will be ensuring these two below will in some way,  be influencing the government in Westminster.  Vetoing laws and decisions which do not serve their needs and giving a green light to those who only serve Scotland.


Do you really want two people whose biased politics and intentions have been frequently documented and are clearly misguided to influence your life YES! YOUR LIFE!  For the foreseeable future? I don’t and if you think carefully neither do you

Vote  sensibly  on  May 7th ?   Vote Conservative

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Milli, Balls and Trident!

Today as Julie and I head back from being her latest visit to the NHS part of the excellent (you remember that comment Milli & Balls) Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea, (don’t pre judge either of you we are just and ordinary family), I see yet again neither Ed can agree with the other!image The two Eds decided it was now time to protect their future and today both successfully landed prospective new careers as litter pickers!  Their new bosses however weren’t as pleased at these two, one said in an interview ” Although I wouldn’t trust either of these two to pick up a loaf of bread from the supermarket, I have now doubt they will have a great time picking up the rubbish that comes out of their respective mouths” 🙂

By the way you pair, our nation absolutely still needs Trident or a similar deterant, don’t either of you read the newspapers? Oh I forgot you are both trying to find out a way to tell the nation you are getting into bed with the SNP!

I meant to post this two weeks ago you can find out why I didn’t in a later blog.

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Mischievous Fartarse

imageYesterday Nigel Fartarse, UKIP leader was asked about defence.  His response? “It’s important” in fact every time he was asked we got the same answer.  Every question on about every subject gets more or less the same automated response except when Mr Farage is talking about immigration.  His stock reply on this subject? Usually don’t let ’em in and if they do get in, don’t feed ‘, clothe’ em or treat ’em “burrrrp. Mine’s another pint and you’ll have to speak to me outside as I need a fag!”  This narrow minded, beer swigging bigot has absolutely no place in British Politics unless he needs a job emptying the bins!

imageSo where does this leave us? Well we all know leader of the “Liebour” Party ” Dead Ed Millipede” seen here looking dejected after imagea bout with DC( thanks for supplying those brilliant and very apt acronyms Becca Goodson) is incapable of running a bath let alone a country.  We are well aware his prime cohort Ed Nuts sorry Ed Balls throws plenty of darts at the financial board, hoping for 180 but missing altogether.

imageEven Tony ” why am I not invited to the party” Blair, pictured here in an amorous embrace with the then leader of the free world, George Bush Jr and his wife Cherie, who thinks she is still in the driving seat, and is obviously annoyed at the picture of her beloved and his dear friend, can’t make a clear impression 🙂


Fortunately, we already have a proven leader, in the guise of David Cameron, pictured left after winning a previous title bout against the “Liebour”Party and their current champion Dead Millipede! 🙂

The. Conservatives have had to pick up the pieces, sort them out and glue this country back together.  Most of us, wether Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat or otherwise have suffered under austerity.  The very wealthy will always be wealthy not because they are under taxed, if their wealth has not been inherited but earned, they most certainly deserve to hold on to what they have once their taxes have been paid, not penalised for creating jobs and in turn creating wealth.  Wealth doesn’t necessarily mean being a millionaire but it means having quality of life and being able to provide for your family or able to earn the money to buy those luxuries in life.

We might not all be feeling it yet but watch this space,  sooner rather than later, we will see it will be worth it.  I feel it now.

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Blair returns, Tories rejoice!!

I’m pleased to announce Tony Blair is coming back to help David Miliband.   But you’re a Tory I hear you cry with resounding horror!!

Well yes I am and as a Conservative  voter I remember the destruction that Mr Blair’s sword created and I’m sure many of you do too.  Credit was ridiculously easy to obtain, taxes were high, interest rates were high.  Government departments were overstaffed and businesses shrank. A nightmare scenario which was compounded by Gordon Brown’s follow up government when TB had to step down through ill health.

So, with all that ammunition David Cameron and co should have a field day.  One other shell for the cannon, Tony Blair spent many years knocking top earners, people who feasted on the system only to become one of these following his retirement from office. First a book then the never ending after dinner speaker circuit. Since handing over the keys to number 10 he has done very nicely thank you!

Ed ( I speak a whole sack of ) Balls has spent the day attempting to dismantle and discredit the Conservative Party’s tax strategy without little effect. Why? Who knows?  Ed accuses the Tories of planning to raise vat.  Does he honestly think, having settled the economy,  Chancellor Osborn will jeopardise the recovery by slapping on more money on the goods we buy? No I don’t think so.  A healthy economy relies on the movement of money within the applicable country, 20% vat is the limit.   Slippery Ed also says his government will raise taxes, even one of the Labour Party’s most prolific donors, businessman John Mills says Labour’s economic policy will not work. He also reveals a second Election in the event of a hung parliament isn’t an option for Labour as they haven’t the funds to fight again.

So where does this leave us? Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond of the SNP (just realised,  both with fishy names…..) holding an English government to ransom to further the causes of Scotland?  Very suspect indeed, in fact surprisingly fishy 🙂

Whatever your politics, use your vote on May 7th!

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imageApparently according to one newspaper, you have the same chance of winning the lottery twice  as seeing Elvis (left) walking around your local Tesco.  A clear indication I’d say not to buy a newspaper as the singer has been dead for nearly forty years.  Must have been in the Daily Star that one, no self respecting journalist would come up with that one :). Unless it was written by Tesco management in a vain attempt to boost profits 🙂

According to a recent documentary, governments are about to reveal the truth about UFOs and alien life.  Ok, I thought we already had alien life here…..

imageLive long and no chaimagence of prospering 🙂






If you read my F.B post about Ed ( I talk a load of) Balls promise to look after small businesses, you might have guessed I’m not a fan of the Labour Party.

Throughout the last 60 years they have played havoc with hard working people’s lives by having leaders and politicians backed by Trades Unions and other far left movements. Their only motivation was jealousy of the businesses  and their bosses who gave them a job and the income to keep a roof over their heads!

Once the Trades Unions had achieved what they had set out to achieve, which was better treatment and working conditions for the country’s work force, the leaders of these influential groups had to justify their jobs and salaries.

The labour government coupled with their union cohorts managed to virtually destroy most of the manufacturing industries in the UK by taking out their members on strike.  Not for important reasons such as being asked to work unrealistic hours for little money but because their tea breaks had been shortened or they were asked for extra hours because the companies they worked for had so much business.

One by one the great shipyards were closed as more competitive companies abroad won contracts, not because their product was better but because they could offer non – disruptive work forces who could deliver on time.  The same applied to the automotive industry, textile industry and many more. British Rail had one of the most terrible reputations, if the guards weren’t on strike then it was the station staff, or the drivers, or the maintenance staff.  There was a saying which rippled through British industry, “one out all out”. One by one companies deserted the UK.

During the construction industry strike of 1972/3 I broke a picket line because I knew if I didn’t work, I wouldn’t get paid.  Later in the 70’s I was contracted to do some work in Wokingham sorting office by the Post Office, the work had to be carried out at night for minimum disruption, it would have taken 3 nights.  On the first night I started work at 10pm, tap on my shoulder at 10.30, “you can’t do this it’s too noisy” the shop steward said. “Really” says I and carry on working. ” If you don’t stop, I’ll cut your power cable” he threatened.  ” Be my guest but you are going to look stupid going home with this lump of wood sticking out of your ass”.  I carried on working then the postmaster comes to me and tells me to stop because his workers are all on strike. There they are, all stood outside in the rain.   I never finished the job, I got pulled off and as far as I know the job never was completed due to the unions.

Sometimes the strikes seemed to be totally unnecessary, fighting lost causes such as the miners strikes of the early 80’s.  Coal mines had become unproductive and uneconomic to run so Margaret Thatchers Conservative government of the day decided to close them.  It was a difficult decision and one which would divide communities and the country.  The mines had to be closed because they were just costing too much to run plus the demand for coal, a dirty fuel, was in decline.  After months of fighting and power cuts, one day general strikes throughout Britain and much hatred between Margaret Thatcher and the miners leader Arthur Scargill, the miners went back to work, mines were closed and through new laws the unions would never hold Great Britain PLC to ransom  again.  The strike had caused untold damage to the UK’s economy and reputation and it is only really since 2010 real confidence in our industry, workforce and ability to deliver has been restored.

On May 7th vote Conservative.  You know it makes sense !

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