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First visit to RM of 2015



Back to RM due to Julie’s unplanned trip to A & E and following the CT scan results being put to the consultants for their perusal. Saw a new young doctor who had been working in the States; told Julie she could start chemo again if she wanted, as the pain had been so bad but we both agreed to wait until she really needs it again. Pain is under control with a large bottle of Oramorph ready for when needed and she is not in any great pain so plan is to see them again in March as originally agreed but to contact them again if the pain returns etc

Back to RM for scan results

Return to London for RM consultant appointment. Pleased that we saw Professor Judson who advised that the tumour had shrunk yet again and that chemo would be delayed until next year.  Not due to return to London until March.  Christmas should be a more pleasant time than we had anticipated …..

Julie also had her PICC line removed this afternoon; apparently it was very uncomfortable and not something she would like to repeat any time soon!!!!! Ouch.

.. and this is why the RM is the best

In the Marsden with Julie. Last time we were here, there was a relatively elderly gentleman who,on his last visit proclaimed “if this doesn’t work, I’ll see you on the other side!” He has just had his results and his sarcoma has shrunk by about 70% in 6 weeks!

Now let’s just hope when we get Julie’s results within the next couple of hours we get some similar news .. fingers crossed.

Good news and sort of not quite so good news

Good news and sort of not quite so good news from the Marsden. The good news is Julie’s liver tumour has significantly shrunk again as have those in her lung. But due to the damage caused to the lung by one of the drugs used because the chemo had to be so aggressive, more treatment has had to be delayed until at least January.

The next 4 weeks will be to allow Julie to recuperate and give her body chance to fight the next round. Back up in December for more scans and clinical appointment.

Mr Bean infiltrates the MDU


Everyone deals with cancer in their own way but bringing your teddy into the MDU, talking to it and then having your husband make it use the iPad wearing her glasses was a bit much in a grown woman ….

You may have thought mrs bean & teddy had left  I’ve just found her… …feeding ted in the canteen!

Anyway Julie is currently doing well and although the chemo is currently an hour behind, should be out by 2 hopefully be able to get a relatively early train .