Kev’s Kitchen

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Ok welcome to Kev’s Kitchen!

The reason I’ve started this is because you CAN cook, whether you know it or not!

Nowadays, there’s no reason apart from laziness to keep going to the local takeaway or burger joint.  You don’t need to spend time making stocks or any other items you need unless you want to; everything you require is available at your local supermarket.

You don’t need to be a cordon bleu chef to cook these dishes, I’m definitely not.  The reason I started cooking a few years ago was because Julie went to hospital, after a test returned with “abnormal” cells and I decided there and then to start cooking as Nathan was still quite young and I knew I would have to look after him if anything happened to Julie (Leah & Hannah had already left home).

I used to hate shopping for the ingredients then prepping the meals, trying to make something different.  Different was where I was going wrong, making it fun and more of a hobby while learning and testing my take on favourite meals out on the whole of my family has become one of the pleasures of life.

Since Julie has been ill, I’ve had to prepare meals, not only for Julie and Nathan but also because of her condition, for our family, who like to visit her on a regular basis, so I’m generally feeding more than us and as you’ll discover, sometimes even our grandsons help.

Over the past few years, I’ve cooked everything from mince pies to meat pies and roast dinners to Mexican and Italian meals, jam tarts and cookies. Not bad for a carpenter/builder eh?

Julie is a very accomplished cook, Hannah follows on, Leah not quite as much so I guess this is as much for you Leah and Nathan as the rest of the world!

So when you prepare one of my meals for your loved one, girl/boyfriend or partner, you take the credit because you will have prepped and cooked it.