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7. Coming to a garden near you: Mili……..

imageA man propped up by by a lectern and hoping to be propped up by the SNP.  Tickled me this, the words before this sentence that  were composed by Boris Johnson in a tweet, then David Cameron replied ” I think we need to free this lectern. I’m worried it’s been taken hostage.  I think it’s time to allow this lectern out on its own” Ha ha ha. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The photo above is taken from the Telegragh.  Miliband is addressing a garden behind a constituency office full of labour volunteers and journalists. No wonder you never get heckled or  jeered Mili!   What was Cameron doing, he had his sleeves rolled up, preaching to the masses!

I’ve been answering unbelievers online today while attending hospital with Julie.  Explaining the fine tuning of a conservative government and reasoning behind their policies i.e why you’re entitled to benefits only if you’re 100% are entitled.

Thank you for reading 🙂