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Obesity it’s actually called FAT!!!

This post is not aimed at anyone who is obese through illness!!

Finally the director of NHS England has come out to say exactly what we’ve always known.  Fat parents have fat kids!

Why has it take so long for someone in authority to take the plunge and say out loud what most of us have known for a long time? Until recently I thought I lived close to the only city and town where parents took their offspring to McDonalds and other fast food restaurants for breakfast usually in their “onesies” ( that’s the parents!).  Then go on to the supermarket and buy their roll-ups (also the parents) and chocolate bars, pizzas or chicken nuggets and pies for lunch.  imageSee what I mean? 🙂 It’s not only along the south coast you can see this but also according to my brother-in-law, prevalent in the garden of England, Royal Tonbridge Wells.    I’m all for giving the kids a treat but all too often I see kids looking like this struggling to walk along the streets.image  If their parents look like the vision in the first picture or the porkster pushing the wheel barrow. What chance do they stand?:(

Aside from the well known effects of obesity such as heart disease, increased chance of cancer,liver disease, diabetes, and stroke. There are the environmental health and safety aspects!

What health and safety aspects? Let’s deal with the environmental problems first. When you finally expire, earlier than your thinner peers, it will probably take an extra tree to build you a coffin.  It will take more gas to burn you at the crematorium and more electricity to light the crem while your family wait for your ashes. Prior to all of that you won’t fit into a normal hearse so most probably a lorry will have to be hired instead.  This of course uses diesel which is a known pollutant.

On the health and safety side, throughout your life you will expel more gas because of the vast amount of food you consume, causing people to faint while gasping for air.   Waiters in restaurants and cafés will be forced to carry your food in in pairs because the plates will be overloaded. ( on the plus side more jobs will be created). Pall bearers at your funeral will have to be doubled or a crane operator will be required to operate heavy lifting gear.  The vicar will have to stand on a pair of steps to see over your coffin while conducting the service!! 🙂

All joking aside, when I was a child in the fifties and sixties, there were people who were overweight but not so many. We walked a lot, we climbed trees, we ate healthily because our parents ate healthily.  In these days of couch potatoes, not harvesting potatoes,  most of us are probably guilty of not exercising enough.  There is though an increasing amount of us who “can’t be bothered”. So listed below are a few ideas to get a little healthier 🙂

1.   Walk your children to school

2.   Make takeaways or ready meals, a treat, not the norm.  It’s cheaper and more fun to cook your own meals and while you are cooking you aren’t thinking about snacking!

3.   If you have even a little room on your terrace, patio or garden,  plant even a single tomato plant, just growing a single piece of your own fruit or veg gives you a sense of pleasure.  (We grow quite a lot in some quite small planters)

4.   The lighter nights mean it’s time to prise your children from the TV  and video games and get them running outside, playing sport or cycling! They will get used to it, even fishing is exercise!

5.   If you can’t cook already, LEARN! Buy a Jamie Oliver cookbook, easy to follow and understand! The best way to teach your kids to eat healthily is to teach them to cook healthily! They’ll pass that on to your grandchildren and so on. ( It’s called responsible parenting)

6.   Stop smoking, it’s expensive and slows down your metabolism which in turn makes you lethargic.  Not to mention it will be a contributing factor to early death.  If you spend say 30.00 per week on tobacco products, which is 1500.00 per year, think how much fresh food you can buy.    If you smoke 20 tailor made cigarettes a day which at a cost of about 7.00 per pack, £2500.00 per year you can buy enough fresh fruit and veg for a family of four for a year!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading 🙂