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Donald Trump, The Petulant Child

No, this piece isn’t about a member of my family, but an adult who is the “leader” of the free world, Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.

All the way through Trump’s campaign I was tweeting and posting various warnings, not because I’ve a right to vote in the USA, not because I’ve a right to comment on the choices made by the American people and not because I had any preference to Hilary Clinton.  I was the first one to criticise Barrack Obama for voicing his powerful opinion on “Brexit”.  No, I was commenting on the far right tendencies shown from at that time, the potential leader of the free world.

Mr Trump is not a self made man but the son of a wealthy property owners.  He took charge of the family property firm Elizabeth Trump & Son in 1971.  Trump then went on to build on the companies’ success and later renamed the firm The Trump Organisation.  Nothing wrong so far, many successful people have had a privileged start in life.

So where has the USA gone from being respected throughout most of our world thanks to Barrack Obama and most other preceding presidents, with the exception of Richard Nixon I suspect, to a country which from the outside at least looks like 1930s Germany?  How do the millions of intelligent voters of this great country get taken in by a bullying man who seemingly flouts every political correct phrase and whips up his supporters into a frenzy?  Simple, Donald Trump is nothing more than an attention seeking, manipulative salesman just like the double glazing or solar panel salesmen of previous years in the UK!  This type of person who will not have his product criticised, he will tell you over and over again, no matter what argument you offer, his product is the best!  The only way to stop him talking is to throw him out of your home!

Donald Trump, like Adolf Hitler, has tapped into the mood of the nation at a time when many people feel disillusioned.  In Germany at the time of Hitler’s rise to power, the disillusionment was a result of a world war, high unemployment, rampant inflation and general lack of national self esteem.  Hitler blamed the rest of the world, the press and the Jewish community for manipulating the economy, Hitler also flouted international law by re-arming Germany.  In its simplest form this made the German leader a hero, not because he wanted world domination but because he created jobs for the people and this in turn put food in their bellies and created a false sense of security.

America’s current problems not only bear many similarities to those of Germany’s 75 years ago but also reflect current worldwide problems because many countries have economic, immigration and employment issues.  It’s how the problem is dealt with which counts.  Of course there are many countries which deal with their problems through oppression of free speech, these nations tend to marginalise themselves from other more liberal countries.  However it’s either spoken or written, dictatorship, be it in the east or west is the same, it separates and divides communities.

Donald Trump is gradually revealing all of the unpleasant qualities of a dictator.  Marginalisation of minorities,  banning members of the press corps who ask difficult questions, changing his answers when questioned on world affairs and refusing to believe research which points towards world events that will affect America just as much as the rest of the world.

Former president Obama must awake every morning and look with despair at his country and the uneducated language used by his successor , then hope the Americans who are raising their voices against President Trump will prevail.

I fear this petulant man will destroy all of the good America has stood for during his term.  Whipping up racial tensions. ignoring warnings of climate change, moving away from the role of “world policeman” and trying to put down and silence members of the press who dare to disagree with his comments.

President Trump,  America is seen not only a vast business but also a role model for for freedom and respect.  As an Englishman, a European and a member of the free world I appeal to you don’t destroy all that has gone before.

Thanks as always for reading.