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“BREXIT, it’s got to be said!”

Brexit, the term invented and adopted by the press to describe the negotiations for so called better terms for us, the UK to stay in the European Union.  So here we are in the fifth decade after Prime Minister Edward Heath took us into Ted Heaththe then “Common Market”.  The average man and women who had lived through the second world war were of the opinion back in 1975 that the main players in Europe, Germany and France were only after the wealth of the UK to prop up their own failing economies than the future of Britain. Even so 66% of us voted to join because then as now we were told it would be good for our future!  As a young man, I too voted yes, to apparently secure the future of our country and our children’s future.

41 years on, how do I feel as a 60 year old business owner, father of three and also grandfather?

When we became part of the now called European Union, our health service was free, including dental. We had care services for our elderly, free school meals for all our children, pensions for all and housing supply was not at an all time low.   Our farmers were working and the only fields left fallow were those in crop rotation. There were no “butter mountains” or “milk lakes”and so forth because farmers could produce what they needed to and not what they were told to by the Eurocrats.  Any shortfalls, we imported from our trading partners throughout the globe, meat from New Zealand and South America, grain from Europe and the Americas.   We had doctors who were satisfied with their pay, the police and fire fighters were well staffed and we had armed forces who were the envy of the world.  Not to forget the City of London which, as now was always a global financial hub.

What as gone wrong?

We as tax payers give the EU £55,000,000 per day (yes fifty five million pounds per day!) to achieve this we have to borrow and this increases our national debt hence on-going cuts to all the services we hold dear here in the UK.  Imagine how much our services would benefit from this amount of money injected into their coffers, doctors paid what they are worth, police, firefighters and ambulance crews, satisfied with their salaries (well almost, after all you can’t please everyone!) and a defence force having the resources to be capable of actually defending!

Jobs could be created in all of the above professions, farming, construction and manufacturing.  Manufacturing, I hear you shout with surprise? Yes, because gone are dark days of the seventies and eighties when Trades Unions had forgotten their main goal was to improve conditions for their members but instead were only interested in bringing down the government of the day!  We have the opportunity to have a new Industrial Revolution, manufacturing and trading with the world again!

David CameronDavid Cameron, our Prime Minister and of whom I’m an avid supporter, is warning of “a leap in the dark”.  I’m slightly concerned, Germany, France and other member states trade with us, they need us now and in the future to ensure the future of their own economies.  This said I applaud the tireless efforts of Mr Cameron.

So what would change?  Nothing much really, we will still trade with Europe, we can trade without penalty with the rest of the world but more importantly we hold on to our sovereignty and once again are masters of our own destiny, not beholding to faceless Eurocrats who have their own agendas.

Thanks for reading. 🙂