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Litter bugs bug me !!

imageToday’s topic is one which really, really grates with me.  It is something which was drummed into me from an early age. I was promoted to write about this because of the actions of a van driver in our road earlier today.  This guy simply swept his hand over the tail gate of his truck and lo and behold there’s a pile of rubbish left in the street.  What an inconsiderate idiot!

Of course he’s not the only one, I have someone who works for me, is in his mid forties and a smoker.  You can tell were this one has been by the trail of Marlboro Lights cigarette butts.  When he’s denied it in the past I’ve had to point out to him, not only is he only one of two smokers on the firm but, he’s the only one who smokes Marlboro!  Didn’t take much working out that one eh, Sherlock. 🙂

 imageHow many times have you seen this, someone opening the door of their vehicle, and depositing a fast food bag, or even worse a nappy (diaper) sack on the ground before closing the door and driving off?  It’s not only the younger generation who do this but older people too.  Do you live your life surrounded by litter at home? No? Well don’t expect the rest of us to be surrounded by the litter you have generated.  Either take it home or use the litter bins provided!  No litter bin, take it home, there is no argument!

I’m lucky enough to live imageby the sea, when the sun comes out, you day trippers arrive in your thousands and bring your sandwiches, crisps, pies, sweets and drinks to litter our home town.  You chuck your cigarette butts anywhere and some of you grimy slobs even bury your off spring’s soiled nappies! Not only does this practice spoil our beaches but it’s unhygienic and affects our wildlife.  Simple answer, bring a polythene bag then take your litter home!  We have by laws which when enforced result in a hefty fine for the offender, I’m sure you’ll agree £80.00 for not dealing with your litter responsibly is a hefty sum!


Thanks for reading 🙂