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Mothers Day

It’s  still very fresh in my mind, Mothers Day 2004, although that year it was on March 21st.  The picture  of mum and dad was taken the day I got married to Julie in 1980, she was forty five at the at the time.  Mum was a strong woman, she had to be, by the time she was thirty five she was mother to seven children!

I had a panicked call from my Dad at 7am asking me to get to their house quickly.  I arrived within three or four minutes, mum was lying on the sitting room floor, dad, shaking, on the phone trying to get through to a doctor.  I took the phone and phoned 999, explained my mother was seriously ill and I was administering CPR.

She had already gone by the time I walked in through the front door, I knew just by looking at her but I had to try for dads sake, he was in a complete panic.  The paramedics arrived very quickly and took over  then after about ten minutes confirmed what I already knew.  I went into the kitchen and broke the news to dad, all he could say was “Oh Annie, Annie what am I going to do without you, over and over.

I spent the next half an hour phoning my three brothers and three sisters because dad was in a state of shock, fortunately they all arrived within an hour and before the certifying doctor.  Although they were all distraught, they all went in and sat with mum  and said their goodbyes.

Now why am I telling you this sad story on this happy, sunny, Mother’s Day? Not long before the anuarism took her we had a conversation, when I die Kev she told me, I’ll be wearing my gardening clothes, the sun will be shining and flowers will be out in my garden.  That’s exactly how it happened.

I’ve never shad a tear for my mum because she knew she was going to see her mum and her grannie and grandad who she idolised,  on reflection, I now know she had to share with someone that she was going to leave.  Mum may have believed in God, I don’t really know, except there was a stage in my early life she told everyone I was going to be a vicar!

What I do know is she, along with my Nan and dad met Julie when she  passed and I know that because Julie has told me!

As sad as it may seem now, even though our wives, husbands, parents or other loved ones may not still be around in this physical world , take heart and advice from an old spirit, if you need  their help at any time just ask.  I know I do and I know they oblige.

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