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8. A funny thing happened on the way to London!

imageI opened up Twitter, 8 days away from the Election and there it was, probably the most bigoted statement thus far from a party.  UKIP proclaim” Christians who object to gay marriage will be granted legal protection”.   If anyone votes for this party they are surely voting to send this country back into the dark ages.  UKIP is indeed the party of lunatics.

The leader of the Lib DEMs, Nick Clegg moaned today, ” there is so much uncertainty in this election”.  Sounds like this man thinks he is already beaten!

Apparently Labour will recruit another 1000 border staff! Milli, trust me if you win, there will be no one left in the UK except the SNP. All you need to keep them out is a gang of Eastern European bricklayers to re-build Hadrians Wall.  Even your mate Russell Brand will have gone 🙂

There was a party of four ladies on our train today, all on their way to Tenerife via Gatwick Airport.  One was dressed in deck chair colours, another wore a strange pale turquoise travelling suit not seen since the sixties, yet another dressed in attire more suited to a brothel while the eldest of the party who was at least my age was wearing black with peroxide blond hair 🙁 ! Nothing at all wrong with that, everyone is entitled to dress how they want I hear you shout.  That’s exactly what this lovely bunch were doing shouting.  I’m pretty certain they will be staying in Las Americas and trying to pull every night in an Irish bar. 🙂

I’m a strong supporter of ladies in general and in the Daily Telegragh today there was a story about a 23 year old lady who felt intimidated by the wolf whistles from a gang of builders.  She went to the police, who then went to interview the builders, then the builders were reprimanded by their employer.   Now, I would hate to think that all builders get tarred with the same brush.  My guys are politeness itself. I say this to the offending gang, come on lads treat ladies with the same respect  you would treat your wife or mum, this is 2015 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


Mid February, Balls speaks, I answer

There was an interesting story on the news today….Ed Balls saying you should get a receipt for every thing you pay for.  What a load of your surname you speak Ed, I have been on the end of a HMRC investigation which lasted two years and which ended in failure by the said organisation and I declare my cash!  What a total waste of money that was.  By the way that was under the last Labour Government.

You need to look harder, not at people like me who keep records, but at the blatantly obvious tradesmen or traders who just seem to have that little bit more……frequent holidays, new cars, above average homes, top technology etc. Believe me if it was just hard work that provided the above, I’d have all of the above and private jet!

In my experience small amounts of cash add to the liquidity of the country.  That money is always spent, generally on luxury items which of course we all pay vat on so does it matter? Am I the only one who can see this? Who wants to pay more tax on already taxed money?

What really matters is the amount of flannel you and your fellow Ed (Miliband) give us while trying to worm your way back into Westminster and undo all the good work Prime Minister Cameron and co have achieved following the last attempt of the Labour Party to bankrupt our great country