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imageAs most of you comic book fans know, Superman is an alien sent to Planet Earth by his parents.  Krypton, his home planet exploded after many years exploitation of it’s natural resources caused its core to become unstable. Fiction? Well yes or at least the Superman part and the fictional name of his home planet.  However, our own planet is starting to show disturbing signsimage along similar lines to Krypton.

imageFracking, the method of pressurising fluid, chemicals and water then pumping it into fissures to extract pockets of natural gas or oil, has been used in the USA for a number of years.  Now after so called “earthquake hotspots” have started to become apparent in areas where fracking is taking place.  So much so that the state of Texas has launched its own investigation after pockets of earthquakes have occurred where none have happened before.  In our own small country we also have been experiencing earthquakes due to oil & gas exploration deep underground.

Experts such as Lord Nicholas Stern (google him) have long been warning about climate change and the global effect.  Naturally no one heeds the advice of an expert, so far.  I can only assume, somewhen in the not too distant future, our own planet will start to implode under the stresses we are putting her through!!

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